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Larimar - Also known as Dolphin Stone and Blue Pectolite  

Recently discovered, Larimar is one of the "spiritual stones" that open to new dimensions, stimulating evolution of the Earth. It radiates love and peace and promotes tranquility. Larimar effortlessly induces a deeply meditative state. It naturally raises consciousness and harmonizes body and soul to new vibrations. Spiritually, it is empowering, dissolving spurious boundaries that constrain the spiritual self, and guiding the soul onto its true pathway in life. Larimar facilitates angelic contact and communication with other realms. It is an excellent stone for those seeking a soul mate, and it facilitates the healing of past-life relationships or heart trauma. Psychologically, Larimar removes self-imposed blockages and constraints. It dissolves self sabotaging behavior, especially a tendency toward martyrdom, and assists taking control of life. It is particularly useful for alleviating guilt and removing fear. When moving through periods of stress and inevitable change, it enables challenges to be met with equanimity. Mentally, Larimar brings serenity and clarity, and constructive thought. It stimulates creativity and encourages "going with the flow." Emotionally, Larimar brings calmness and equilibrium. It is an antidote to emotional extremes and ameliorates bipolar disorders. It heals trauma to the heart and reconnects to natural playfulness and joyful childlike energy. An earth-healing stone, Larimar connects to the energy of the Earth Goddess, helping women to reattune to their innate femininity and restoring their connection with nature. Placed on the Earth, it will counteract Earth energy imbalances and geopathic stress. Positioned over the heart, third eye, or solar plexus, or gently stroked over the body, Larimar removes attached entities. It stimulates third eye, heart, crown, and throat chakras, and promotes self-healing. It is particularly helpful for cartilage and throat conditions, dissolving energy blockages in the chest, head, and neck. It can also be laid on constricted joints or blocked arteries. Placed on a painful spot, it will quietly draw out the pain. Used as a reflexology tool, Larimar pinpoints the site of disease and clears the meridians of the body.

Rarity: Easily obtained, quite expensive

Source: Dominican Republic, Bahamas

Colors: Blue, blue-green, gray, or red, with white


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